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WAN Optimisation and Kaspersky

Anti-virus protection, such as Kaspersky, on a corporate WAN has evolved from separate applications doing their own thing, acquiring their own updates from the internet and only alerting the user as to any threat discovered on their computer into being centrally managed by a server console from where they will collect their updates, receive configuration policies and send their status and alerts to.

As you can imagine, all this extra chatter between a network full of client applications and their controlling server will add to the background level of traffic flowing across the WAN infrastructure of a business, with bursts of data consumption whenever a policy is updated or a scheduled task completes and each client affected reports back. Due to the scaling nature of the traffic – which can reach to multiple GB’s per week - something needs to be done to bring it under control before it impacts on your other business applications and general productivity.

Using WAN Optimisation from Sangfor will dramatically reduce Kaspersky’s bandwidth utilisation as it will cache any update files and minimise the flood of traffic whenever clients update and compresses any management communications.

Taking one of our customers as an example, their Kaspersky solution covering 4 sites with a total of 100 users would see an average daily traffic of 1GB across their WAN to the central management server at their head office. After optimisation this traffic sees a reduction of 75 to 85%, bringing data consumption rates down to 250MB or lower.

However, to reach this level of optimisation you will need to disable the encryption settings via the Kaspersky management console policy settings, forcing the traffic onto TCP port 14000 rather than port 13000. With this change in place, the spikes of traffic generated between all or groups of computers and your management servers can be smoothed out and their impact on latency sensitive applications such as Citrix and Remote Desktop significantly reduced or eliminated entirely, allowing your users to get on with their work while keeping the network secure from threats.


Accelerating Your Whole Business: Why Focus On A Single Application?

When you think about improving the performance of certain data intensive applications running across your WAN, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of focusing too tightly on that specific case at the expense of taking a wider view of your WAN usage.

For example, many backup and disaster recovery applications now boast basic WAN acceleration technologies such as block-level caching and compression to their feature sets as a means of reducing their load on your network. While this, on its own, is a good step forwards it only works on traffic generated by the backup application itself – your network file sharing (CIFS), exchange email and SQL traffic won’t see any benefit. It also means spending money on feature unlocking licenses or whole new product versions just to improve that one application.

If you were to deploy WAN Optimisation units from Sangfor on each side of your WAN, not only would you be accelerating and optimising your backup solution - often with better results, especially in block-level caching since our units work on blocks as small as 512 bytes verses the 1Mb block limit present in many backup applications – but you can also accelerate these common business applications at the same time without extra costs:

  • Network File Sharing (CIFS)
  • SQL
  • Veeam
  • Netapp
  • Anti-virus software such as Sophos Anti-virus and Kaspersky
  • Microsoft Exchange – without sacrificing encryption between client and server!
  • Remote Desktop
  • Citrix
  • Backup Exec
  • Acronis
  • Windows System Update Services
  • Sharepoint
  • Office Intranets – whether in-house, bespoke or off the shelf
  • File Maker
  • Windows Deployment Services/Linux based PXE OS installation
  • And many more...

By extending WAN optimisation to a network level rather than on a per application basis, you can realise significant performance improvements across the board without embarking on costly upgrades and the often lengthy project management of those upgrades.
Since our units are independent of the applications used in your business, you can gain additional benefits such as using our bandwidth management features to enforce Quality of Service (QoS) policies, regular report generation to give you detailed views on WAN usage and even extend optimisation to mobile users.

There is another aspect of IT that can benefit from having a dedicated WAN optimisation solution – the ever changing landscape of business applications and network utilisation. As a company changes, so too will the type of software being used and the different vendors providing them. By investing heavily in any single business application it reduces the likelihood of migrating to an alternative, even if the currently employed solution is no longer fit for purpose and hampering or holding back the ability for a company to respond to changing circumstances.

A dedicated WAN optimisation solution frees you up from needing to worry about the WAN performance of the choices available to you and whether the software has its own optimisation features bundled in or at an additional cost. Your solution will already be in place, and with the ability to run reports on all of your WAN traffic you can get the best out of every application running on your network - past, present and future.